The dawn of a decade, a keyboard quill and roaring, in a good way!

...and so another new decade falls upon us, the twenties! Is it to be like its centennial predecessor, roaring! In a good way, I do hope so.

oops wrong century karen baker
Oops! Wrong century!

I am not a novice to blogging, even though Bakerscrumbs is a new blog. It was previously the 'Cappuccino Chronicles' and prior to that the 'Agoraphobic Adventurer'. Now after a number of years, I felt it was time to dust off my keyboard quill and write again. It is to be a bit eclectic this blog. I am not going to write about a specific topic, but what I do know is it will have many facets, art, creativity, memoirs, history, current affairs, my love of words and the decades I grew up in. No doubt it will give you the reader, an insight into this rather quirky life of mine. It's purpose to give me an outlet, a platform where I can be true to myself, free to communicate to the masses without hiding behind the mask that I almost always wear. So, here's to this decade's new dawn as I look forward to this new blog and the path that it takes.
Signing off for now. 


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