Pigments, pushing limits and geometric light!

I sit here sipping my cappuccio, winter sun seeping through the geometric glass, it warms me.  This place has been my friend for as long as I can remember. It isn't as busy as usual, which suits me just fine.  I am known here, I have worked here and it has been my place of comfort for so long. It has changed over the years, even in the past six months and at great speed, but I still feel welcome and that is good enough for me. Chatter can echo at times so if it booms that is when I retreat, but I am happy for now. 

The year has started well. Predictably I updated my website, and began to write this blog, a big tick for me.  Now is where the hard work begins. Working on myself, improving on my current limits. It is a hard process. To do what I want to do,  I must endure fear to get there. Just like most people with limits. My only comfort is that I have achieved my goal before so I know it isn't impossible.

I am buzzing with creativity though. It is like a switch that never turns off. When I look at anything, it is usually with a creative eye. I don't just see what's in front of me, I see composition.  I have been painting in watercolour again, getting a feel for the texture and pigment. It is good, after working in graphic design for so long, to have this change, is much needed. Even though design excites me, If the work permits I will join the two together.  So right now I am looking for my new creative adventure. Is it to be graphic design or illustration? I will just have to wait and see.

Signing off, Karen 



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