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Socially Contactless!

My arm stretched deep into the navy blue, nylon rucksack. I rummaged for a while, noting the silkiness of the posh lining and other unidentifiable objects until I found what I was searching for. I hooked out my leather purse, with trepidation I feared un-popping the fastener. I knew the contents it held would transport me back to another time. Taking in a deep breath I pulled open the tab. With my heart pounding my eyes searched its contents. I focused in on the silky smooth paper, I pulled at a five and ten pound note, crisp and pristine. The queen peeped over the tartan fabric lining, stoic as always.  It was then that I felt a pang of loss in this current world contactless plastic was the new method of transaction.s I probed further and thumbed through my collection of coffee shop loyalty cards. All stamped up in regular lines of inked ticks, but with nowhere open to be loyal too. This contactless world has paused life, just as my purse has become temporarily obsolete, so have the

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